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20 Days Hajj Package


Flying From: London or Manchester

Departure: 01/09/2016

Return: 20/09/2016

Quad: £4695

Triple: £5295

Double: £6395



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1st September 2016

Depart from Heathrow Airport  (if flying from London) OR

Depart from Manchester Airport  (if flying from Manchester)

1st September 2016

Arrive in Jeddah, after completing formalities at the airport we will proceed to Makkah.  (Please bear in mind that the time for the formalities at the airport can take up to anything from Between 6 to 12 hours. Your co-operation during this time of waiting is essential.

2nd September 2016

We will check in to AL SHOHADA HOTEL – MAKKAH (5 STAR). We will perform Umrah after having settled into our hotel. After performing Umrah you may exit from the state of Ihram.

2nd - 8th September 2016

We will spend these days in Makkah offering daily obligatory prayers at the Haram and enriching ourselves spiritually.  During your stay at AL SHOHADA HOTEL, Makkah, you will be provided with buffet breakfast and dinner (half board).

8th - 9th September 2016

We will enter into the state of ihram approximately sometime after 11/12 pm that night and proceed to Mina and begin the rites of Hajj 1437.   Here we will stay overnight at the European tents.  You will be provided with sofa beds, pillows and blankets.  All meals will be provided. The time that you will spend here is best utilised by preparing oneself mentally for the few important days to come ahead – and remembering Allah as much as possible.

10th September 2016

We will proceed to Arafat in the morning for Wuqoof of Arafat.  We will stay there until sunset.  At sunset we will leave Arafat and proceed to Muzdalifa where we will pray our Magrib and Isha combined and spend the night there.  Whilst at Muzdalifa we will collect around 70 small pebbles (about the size of a chickpea). These will be used for stoning the three Jamarat in Mina.

11th September 2016

After Fajr we walk back to the tents in Mina.  On arriving at the tents in Mina we will have breakfast.  We will then walk to the Jamarat for Rammi (throwing pebbles) at the large Jamarat at the allocated time given by the Muallim office.  After stoning we will proceed back to Shohada Hotel – Makkah.  Arrange for our Qurbani & Shaving of the head.Tawaff and Sai’i of the Hajj will be performed individually.  At a mutually arranged time we will all walk and return to the tents in Mina as a group.

12th September 2016

We will continue with Rammi (stoning) of all three Jamarat at the time allocated by the Mualim Office.  After stoning we will all walk and return to the tents in Mina.  No transport will be provided.

13th September 2016

We will continue with Rammi (stoning) of all three Jamarat and return to Al Shohada Hotel – Makkah.  No transport will be provided.

13th - 15th September 2016

We will stay at Al Shohada Hotel.  Perform the farewell tawaff individually, or in small mutual groups.

15th September 2016

We will make arrangements to proceed to Medina and check into NozolRoyal Inn Hotel (4Star).  We will travel to Medina on private air-conditioned coaches. We will stay in Medina until 20thSeptember 2016 (depending of flight timing). During your stay at NozolRoyal Inn Hotel (4Star)Medina you will be provided with buffet breakfast and dinner (half board).

20th September 2016

We will proceed to Medina/Jeddah airport by coach for flights back to the UK.

Hajj Packages

Flying From: Newcastle/London Heathrow Airport
Returning: – Madina International Airport.
Standard Accommodation in Makkah (450 mtr distance)
Standard Accommodation in Madina (250 mtr distance)

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Important Note

No transport will be provided from Muzdalifa to the tents in Mina.  Mina tents to the Jamarat.  Jamarat to the hotel in Makkah.  From Makkah Hotel to the tents in Mina

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